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Google Analytics Adds New Remarketing Feature

Remarketing Feature

New Google Analytic Updates!  Google has added new features to their Google Analytic tools. Remarketing lets you re-engage with your site visitors using the power of Google Analytics and the reach of the Google Display Network.

How it works

Now you can make lists on Google which are labeled for specific visitors and when those visitors come through to your website Google will automatically add them to their relevant list. Let’s say you have a website that sells electronic equipment, and you want to filter out visitors to your Digital Camera page and visitors to your Laptop page. 

So you make two lists, one labeled Digital Cameras and one labeled Laptops.

As visitors come onto those sections of your website, Analytics Remarketing Feauture Analytics brings them into the groups you set up, according to the filters you set up. The lists will automatically synchronize with your AdWords account assuming it has been connected to your Analytics account, and generate ads geared towards a specific group of visitors. 

Let’s say you have a Laptops remarketing list, instead of showing users an ad with let’s say your company name Computer Supplier,  you can create an AdWords campaign that will push ads of specific laptop products. You can then further set the remarketing list to filter out users that already bought a product on your website. You can then advertise this specific laptop ad to users who have yet to purchase your product.

See more details on the Google Analytics Blog
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