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Google's Song Knowledge Graph

If you have done a Google search of a song title this week, then you may have seen one of Google’s latest updates, the newly added knowledge graph feature - the "Other recordings of this song” section announced by Google a few days ago.  Up until recently if you searched  Google for a song title, you might have seen a standard search result including title, URL, upload date and short description or if the song is very popular, Google might have served you a knowledge graph providing:

  • YouTube title and URL
  • Artist
  • Movie title (if applicable)
  • Year Released
  • Link to Lyrics
  • Awards

The new "Other recordings of this song” section includes a list of other video versions of the song by the same artist (e.g., album vs. live concerts) or a list of links to famous (and not so famous) covers of the song.  If there is a related movie title, or an entirely different song with the same name, Google displays a "See results about" disambiguation box too. Information useful for music video fans as well as Google geeks like myself interested in anything new that Google comes up with to make search more interesting and useful.

YouTube video knowledge graph

A cool feature of the "Other recordings of this song” section can be experienced when a song has several additional recordings - click one of the other recordings and Google provides you with a white carousel showing you all other recordings of the song and sometimes includes another Knowledge Graph.

Song Knowledge Graph

Searching for the song "Johnny B Goode" and scrolling down the list we found 9 additional recordings. Clicking on one of the results launched both a song carousel and YouTube knowledge graph.

Song Carousel and Knowledge Graph

Go ahead have some fun and try it yourself, open a Google Search and enter a song title and when you find one displaying a Song Knowledge Graph with additional recordings, share the song title in the comments below - and share this post with others in your network so they can get in on the fun too.
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