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AdWords Eagle Eyes: Ads Monitor Email Notifications

We are proud to announce our new Ads Monitor Email Notifications service that offers a simple way to be alerted of AdWords advertising displaying on page one of the SERPs for your brand and keywords, including your competitors' ads. Rising above the competition can seem to get harder with each and every passing day. Maintaining your advertising edge and marketing magic can mean the difference between being in the red or blue, but how do you stay on top of it all?

With over a million businesses capitalizing on Google AdWords it can be challenging to get your ads at the front of the AdWords class. The Ads Monitor Email Notifications service enables you to receive an email alert when your ads or a competitor's AdWords rank on Page One.


Keep an Eye on the AdWords Competition 

Using Tags associated with Keywords tracking in your Rank Ranger campaigns, our ad monitoring service will let you know which competitors' AdWords displayed on Page One of Google Search, along with the ad placement (top or bottom). Ad copy is included to help you analyze why certain ads score the placement they received and also to alert you of any potential brand or copyright violation. By clandestinely watching for your competition's AdWords ads to display for your tracked keywords, this new service allows you to be the James Bond of AdWords (without the cool car of course). 

AdWords Monitoring sample report

How It Works 

Setting up your Ads Monitor Email Notifications is a breeze. (Hey, whoever said maintaining your competitive edge couldn't be simple, easy, and painless?)  The notifications are based on keyword tags you have set up in any given campaign. Based on the frequency you select, you'll receive daily, weekly or monthly alerts of Page One AdWords performance for every ranking keyword attached to the keyword tags you select to be updated on.

For example, let's say you are doing SEO for a site that sells kitchen appliances, cookware and fine dining supplies so you create a Tag Group called kitchen and within the Tag Group kitchen you have the following Tag Options that you attach keywords to:
  • range top
  • kitchen electronics
  • tableware 
  • ovenware 
  • wine
You set the Tag Group:
  • kitchen:overware for your keyword, bakeware.
  • kitchen:tableware for your keywords cutlery, dinnerware, flatware, and glassware.
  • kitchen:wine for your keywords wine cellars and wine refrigerators.
This month your AdWords campaigns are focused on tableware, ovenware and wine, so you create an Ads Monitor for one or more of those tags and ignore the Tag Groups kitchen:range top and kitchen:kitchen electronics until you're running ads targeting the keywords in those tag groups.  Within 24 hours you'll receive your first Ads Monitor report by email and it will look something like this:

AdWords Monitoring sample report

From the notification you can clearly and quickly determine whose AdWords ranked on Page One for the keyword bakeware. You can also tell that indeed none of your competitors ranked on Page One by using the keywords cutlery, dinnerware, or glassware (maybe it's time to capitalize on that). For your last Tag Group, kitchen:wine you can clearly see that both keywords produced the competition's AdWords with a Page One ranking (and of course you can see exactly what the content of those ads were). Like we said, you're now the James Bond of AdWords... we assume you'll have your competitors AdWords shaken... not stirred! 

Monitor Competitors, Reputation and Advertising Compliance

ads-monitoring-notifications-sample-useWe know that the Ads Monitor Email Notifications turns you into a competition monitoring super-spy. The importance of being such a mythological marketing figure is quite obvious in the world of marginal profits and immensely intense competition on a variety of fronts.

Still, there are other vistas that are opened to you with this new service. Reputation management is at the top of the list of business concerns for us all.

For some industries, there is the constant threat of someone offering a poor mock-up of their top quality products or services or using their branding inappropriately. You know what we're talking about - someone offers the same product or service that you do, they even use your name.... minus a vowel or two! You can use the Ads Monitor to track down such companies by checking if they are running AdWords.

For example, let's pretend that you're Apple Inc. and you're worried that someone might be selling a cheap knockoff of the iPhone. Well, you might set up your notifications to alert you about AdWords that are attached to keywords such as "eyePhone" or "uPhone" or even "ayePhone." So say some pirate is running AdWords for the "ayePhone," your team of Wall Street attorneys can set their sights on the scoundrel! 

You could also use the Ads Monitoring Email Notifications to keep an eye on your distributors. For example, if you're Apple, you could use the Ads Monitor to see whose ads are displaying for your product and confirm that they are withing the legal guidelines of the distributor agreement. 

Competition Analysis Tools

The Ads Monitoring Email Notification service is one of a suite of competition analysis tools provided by Rank Ranger, our Top 20 Paid Competitors Report allows you to drill down and determine the average CPC, ad position and keyword search volume. If the keyword's search volume is low, then you might decide to let the competition have it while you go with a better keyword. At the same time, if the keyword's search volume is high and you want your ad on page one, then you're left with a budgeting decision.  

Top Paid Competitors PPC Report

Our Pay-per-Click reports help you analyze AdWords campaign performance to determine if the campaigns you're running are really paying off! Compare current performance to previous periods and filter by Key Metric (sessions, percentage of new sessions, new users, bounce rate, pages per session, etc.), Segment and Goal Conversion type.  For example, you can analyze user behavior... what was the bounce rate? How many pages per session did users view? How long did they spend on your site? What were the total number of sessions? Impressions? Clicks? And what about keyword performance? The AdWords Keywords analysis report provides the same detailed information, but down to the specific keyword level.

AdWords PPC Campaign report

For deeper analysis, the Marketing KPI reporting tool can provide a clear view of ROI by comparing traffic sessions, ad clicks, goal completions, and ad cost vs. revenue (or any other segment you select).

Marketing KPI report for PPC

Our goal in offering the Ads Monitoring Email Notifications is to assist you in the process of setting yourself up for "AdWords success." Using the service will provide you with a bird's-eye view of the competition's AdWords activity with one quick and easy glance. It is important to us that you be able to see vital marketing data with total ease. When combined with the Top Paid Competitors report, AdWords Campaigns & Keyword reports and the Marketing KPI Analysis, the Ads Monitoring Email Notification service offers you "AdWords eagle eyes" in a real and substantial way.

About The Author
Shay Harel is the CEO of Rank Ranger, an innovative and comprehensive SEO & digital marketing Saas platform. Besides for overseeing company growth, Shay loves to get his hands dirty developing new and unique SEO data reports.

When not hard at work helping guide the SEO industry, Shay enjoys spending time with his family, strumming his guitar, and tapping into his always growing wine collection.

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