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Bing's Search Trends for 2015

Lately, I’ve gotten a feeling that Bing is trying to "catch up” a little bit with Google. releasing new tools and features, such as Bing's Mobile Friendliness Test Tool, recently announced. Other personal indications of Bing’s path forward is their new integration to Microsoft’s newly launched browser, Microsoft Edge. The first Microsoft browser in recent years that, if you'd ask me, feels up-to-date and on the same level as their competitors. My gut feeling is that they’re "on their way” - and really trying to give Google a match.

But now, back to the topic - Bing's Search Trends for 2015, the most popular search queries among their users, divided into a number of different categories, such as: Top Celebrity Searches, Top Athlete Searches and Top New Searches.

Bings Top Celebrity Searches in 2015

Bing is presenting their yearly roundup in a very nice, clean, funky and professional way - all at once. The truth is, that simply by checking these stats out, it makes me really curious and excited: what’s next?

Will we soon see Bing increasing their market shares and slowly getting users to use Google less? Will Microsoft's newly launched Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and ongoing development of Bing Search Engine bring Microsoft back into the game? I guess time will tell. I’m excited to see what’s happening next- are you?

Bing Top Searches 2015

Bing’s Top Celebrity Searches in 2015

Caitlyn Jenner

Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift
Kim Richards
Kim Kardashian

Bing’s Top Athlete Searches in 2015

Tom Brady

Ronda Rousey
Jordan Spieth
Stephen Curry
Aaron Rodgers

Bings Top Athlete Searches in 2015

Bing’s Top News Story Searches in 2015

ISIS and Paris Attacks

The EU migrant crisis
Earthquake in Nepal
Snowstorm buries NE US
Germanwings 9525 crash

Bings Top News Searches in 2015

The results being displayed in Bing's 2015 recap are dependent on your location, and not worldwide. The results shown above are all from Bing US. As you can see, the results are different for different countries, such as Bing UK and Bing Germany.

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