Darren Goldstein

Darren Goldstein

Growth Hacker
Rank Ranger
Darren describes himself as a husband and father first.

His background as a webmaster and designer led him to gain strong SEO and digital marketing knowledge. Darren has a passion for all things technology related and shares helpful news and insights via the Rank Ranger blog.

Asian Search Engine Support Expansion

This week we've added rank tracking support for three more Asian search engines:

Haosou and Sogou in China join our Google, Google Maps, and Baidu rank tracking for the Chinese market.

Coc Coc in Vietnam increases our Google, Google Maps, and Bing rank tracking for the Vietnamese market.

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Search Intelligence APIs for Developers

We've got some cool API packages that allow Developers to code search data and our SEO and Marketing platform functionality into your applications.  If you're creating custom dashboards, elaborate analytical reports or mobile apps, Rank Ranger's powerful and versatile search APIs provide a great solution for obtaining accurate organic, local, mobile, video and app store search engine data for you to integrate into your application.

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