Laura Campbell

Blog Manager
Rank Ranger
Hackensack, New Jersey
Laura is Rank Ranger's Digital Marketing Manager, Editor-in-Chief and Social Media maven. Writing and marketing are Laura's passions.

She also enjoys working with Rank Ranger's developers on ideas for new digital marketing reports and features that will make her job easier.

Rich Cards Now Showing for Courses and Top Recipes

The mobile SERP is certainly richer today than it was previously as we have found Rich Cards undeclared by Google appearing in results. As you may know, we use a 500K keyword dataset in order to monitor SERP Features on desktop. What you may not know is that we also use a 100K dataset to track mobile SERP Features. As part of our daily mobile SERP foraging we came across two new forms of Rich Cards. 

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Insight Graph Gets Fresh SERP Features Data

We are excited to announce that our recently rolled-out SERP Features Tool data is now available in the Insight Graph. The inclusion of these search metrics enables you to analyze Google's SERP Features in a newly profound and customizable manner.

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Zero Sidebar Ads in Google Search

Our Google SERP Features Search Intelligence confirmed early this morning that there are now ZERO ads to the side of Google search engine results anywhere in the world.

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New SEO & Marketing Features, New Pricing & New Site!

While leaves may still be bursting with colors in the mountains, many of us work in places where the cold, windy rains have caused a dreary naked tree landscape. To counteract the lack of color, the Rank Ranger team harnessed an enormous amount of creative energy and launched an amazing new site that we hope you'll find both attractive and easier to navigate.

Allow me to take you on a little tour...

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Should We Change Our Google Logo Too?

Google's logo change presents Rank Ranger with a creative question that we hope you will help us with. Currently our SEO platform displays the old Google icon with the younger, lower case "g", should we change it?

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Yahoo Shuffle: a Case Study in SERP Fluctuation

What is the Yahoo Shuffle? It's difficult to accurately define without having access to the actual search algorithm, so I'll take you through the symptoms. It's sort of like a casino game, and you can play too... simply enter a search phrase in Yahoo and click the Search button to spin the roulette wheel for search results.  Now open a different browser and conduct the same search in Yahoo.  If I were a gambler, I think it would be a pretty safe bet you won't find matching results. Join me on a journey through Yahoo search...

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Bitten by Google's Geo Location Settings Bug?

If your local rankings have demonstrated extreme rank changes recently, it's quite possible that the site you're managing has been bitten by a Google Geo Location bug.

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Webmaster Tools Search Analytics

Google's new (beta) version of their Search Analytics report is cool, but the user-experience leaves much to be desired.

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What's Causing these SERP Fluctuations?

During a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, in addition to fielding questions about keyword stuffing, emojis in page titles, mobile friendly tags and predictions regarding Twitter receiving preference in SERPs, when asked what's up with these troublesome Google Desktop SERP fluctuations... Google's John Mueller's response was confusing.

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