Owen Radford

Owen Radford

Online Marketing Manager
Elementary Digital
Owen is an Online Marketing Manager with Elementary Digital, a digital agency based in London & Leeds.

Optimizing for WordPress: SEO Tips

Doing SEO for WordPress websites isn’t as straightforward as it perhaps could be. Whereas other content management systems (CMS) will offer you many of the basic features from a standard install, a WordPress set up tends to need a little help. Let's explore some tools and techniques for improving your WordPress site SEO.

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A Guide to SEO for Magento e-Commerce Sites

Magento is an amazingly versatile piece of e-commerce software. You can download and use it for free. Unfortunately for marketers it requires a little cajoling to help you with your SEO efforts, but that's to be expected as we all know SEO isn't in the forefront of most developer's minds!

So here are a few tips to make life with your Magento site that bit easier.

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