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Leah Akbashev

Technical QA & Documentation Specialist
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Leah is the Technical QA and Documentation Specialist with over 20 years of Technical experience.

Google Keyword Planner Search Volume Affected by Google Advertising Policies

If you're using Google Keyword Planner to do keyword research, you might notice something strange. When searching for keyword volumes for certain terms, you might find there are simply no results.

Now, I’m not talking about obscure terms. I’m talking about terms that should get thousands of searches every month.

We tried performing searches for many random terms and many of them got no results.

After getting in touch with Barry Schwartz we discovered this…

Google Keyword Planner won’t show data for keywords that fall under its restricted content policies.

In this post, we'll cover what these policies are and how to do keyword research with Keyword Planner if you happen to be in certain niches.

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