Marco Giordano

Marco Giordano

SEO Specialist/Web Analyst
Sika Technology AG
Marco is a SEO Specialist and Web Analyst based in Switzerland. His main interests are Data Science and NLP to improve SEO workflows and gain new insights.

How to use Python for NLP and Semantic SEO

Nowadays SEO is seeing the rise of concepts such as semantic SEO, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and programming languages. Speaking of which, Python is a huge help for optimization and most of the boring tasks you may want to carry out while working. Don’t worry, coding can seem daunting at first but it’s way more straightforward than you think thanks to some specialized libraries.

We have already discussed semantic search, as well as topical authority, and Python is a good solution to explore new insights and for faster calculations, compared to the usual Excel workflow.

It’s no secret that Google relies a lot on NLP to retrieve results and that is the main reason why we are interested in exploring natural language to get more clues about how we can improve our content.

In this post I clarify:
  • The main semantic SEO tasks you can carry out in Python
  • Code snippets on how to implement them
  • Short practical examples to get you started
  • Use cases and motivations behind
  • Pitfalls and traps of blindly copy-pasting code for decision making

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