Matt Janaway

Matt Janaway

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Matt Janaway is a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur based in Nottingham, UK. He started his digital career journey during the mid 2000's internet retailing boom by developing 10+ eCommerce stores which enjoyed great success using a successful and evolving SEO formula. Matt now heads up a digital marketing agency called Marketing Labs. Matt contributes to some major online marketing websites as well as blogging advice on SEO and digital marketing.

Good, Bad, and Ugly Backlinks Explained

In a nutshell, good backlinks get you good search engine rankings. Bad backlinks can do the opposite. On the other hand, ugly backlinks can get your site demoted or removed from search results and even if you realize your mistake, disavowing them is not a simple solution either. That can hurt. So then, what makes a backlink good, what makes it bad, and what makes it ugly? 

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Tips for Building an Amazing Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketer Matt Janaway believes that "content is the voice of your brand. If you want your voice to be heard, you need to consistently create and share great content - both on your own website and on other high-profile websites in your niche".   And  in this post he generously shares his vision, along with recommendations for a kickass content marketing strategy.

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