Tzvi Barish

SEO Manager
Rank Ranger
Tzvi is the SEO Manager at Rank Ranger. He has 15+ years of experience in content marketing and SEO.

How to Create Knock-Out SEO Reports

Most SEO professionals know the ins and outs of the trade – that content is king, that technical SEO optimization is a must, and that you can’t get serious rank traction without quality backlinks. The thing is, that succeeding as an SEO agency is not just about knowing SEO, it’s about understanding how to manage the client relationship, a central part of which is knowing the right way to prepare SEO reports.

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The Complete Guide to Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are short, direct answers shown by Google at the top of the first page of search results in response to search queries in the form of questions, or which imply a search for specific information. Recently, the race to grab Featured Snippets has turned into somewhat of a feeding frenzy in the SEO industry. This article provides you with insights into what Google is looking for, valuable statistics and guidelines on how to "win" Featured Snippets.

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Post-Possum Google Local Finder Results Plagued by Quality Issues

Google definitely has a strong vested interest in ensuring that its search results are not dominated by spammy results. That’s why they rolled out the Penguin algorithm a few years ago to combat websites employing manipulative SEO techniques to boost their ranking. That’s also why at the beginning of September they rolled out an algorithm update, dubbed Possum by the SEO community, focused on improving local search results – particularly in the Local Finder and Google Maps, but they still appear to be plagued with spam.

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Important Facts About Google's 'Possum' Algorithm Update

Google’s new algorithm update that began rolling out at the beginning of September is filtering the results in the Local Pack and Google Maps and is aiming to week out duplicate and spammy business listings  Find out what it is known so far. 

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