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Campaign Export Goes Dynamic with New Capabilities

In an effort to offer extensive data exporting abilities we are happy to announce that our Campaign Rank Export tool has been updated to field a prolific set of new options and capabilities.  

Original Campaign Rank Export 

Standard Campaign Export CSV

Fig 1. A CSV downloaded via the Campaign Export tool showing the display columns available in Rank Snapshot prior to the tool's update

CSV for All (Campaigns)! 


The most exciting and dynamic update to our Campaign Rank Export tool is the ability to add multiple campaigns to one CSV. As always, the tool provides you with two data options, Rank Snapshot and Domain Metrics. Previously, the tool only enabled one campaign to be exported per CSV. However, after the recent update, this utility now offers you the ability to consolidate multiple campaigns into one CSV. 

Campaign Export: Multiple Campaigns


Campaign Export Tool: Multiple Campaigns

Fig 2. An exported CSV showing data for three campaigns 

Capitalize on Campaign Export Aggregation 

The beauty of being able to add multiple campaigns to a single CSV export lies in comparability. Consider the very likely scenario that you have set up numerous campaigns to track a single site's performance in different locations. By exporting the data from each of your localized campaigns you can engage in a location-by-location comparison. By adding multiple campaigns to a single CSV you have essentially combined each individual campaign and have formed a single meta campaign of sorts. Having your data unsegmented allows for easy data comparison between the various locations you are tracking.

The update to the Campaign Rank Export tool is significant to any form of segmentation of a site into multiple campaigns. For instance, if a site's performance were segmented by product type, with each form of product placed within its own campaign, the newly added multiple campaign capability serves as a way to reunite the various products under one roof. The same would hold true when managing the SEO of a parent company and its various properties. You can aggregate the data across all of your campaigns via the Campaign Export tool's One CSV for all campaigns option. 

Campaign Export Tool - File Options 

Campaign Export Tool: One CSV for All Campaigns Option

Fig 3. The File Options within the Campaign Export tool selected to show multiple campaigns within a single CSV

Rank Snapshot Display Columns 

Also new to the Campaign Export tool is a slew of additional reporting information. Applicable to the Rank Snapshot data option are a set of new display columns. These columns include: 

  • Campaign Manager 
  • Campaign Reference ID 
  • Keyword Tags 
  • Search Volume 
  • Total Results 
  • Average Rank 

New Columns Added to the Rank Snapshot Data Option 

New Columns on the Campaign Export Tool

Fig 4. Highlighted within an exported file are the newly added columns that are part Rank Snapshot   

In a very meaningful way, the addition of this data allows for a more profound look at your data across multiple campaigns. That is, the new updates allow you to not only see a deeper set of data via Search Volume, Total Results, Average Rank, etc., but to easily reference these metrics across multiple associated campaigns by simply scrolling down a spreadsheet. 

The Average Rank Rules Addition 

With the Average Rank display column selected, the newly updated Campaign Export tool allows you to activate Average Rank Rules. Should you wish to calculate Average Rank differently than the actual average rank of all your keywords, you can enter a Rank Threshold number. Doing so will enable you to calculate any keyword above the Rank Threshold at a specific Rank Value

Custom Average Rank Rules


Average Rank Rules at a Custom Rank Threshold and Value

Fig 5. Average Rank Rules with a Rank Threshold set to less than or equal to a rank position of 100 with a Rank Value of 101 

For example, should a Rank Threshold of less than or equal to 100 be entered, any keyword above 100 can be set to have a matching Rank Value. The updated Campaign Export tool allows you to set a custom Rank Value. If a Rank Value of 101 were entered (and accompanied by a Rank Threshold of less than or equal 100), any keyword ranking above 100 would be averaged in with a Rank Value of  101. 

Export Multiplicity

Don't let your associated campaigns remain a group of split personalities. Use the new updates to the Campaign Rank Export tool to turn campaigns from multiple personalities into harmonious wholes. Take advantage of the One CSV for all campaigns option to create a unified data painting, that now includes Search Volume, Total Results, Average Rank, etc. Most of all, change your perspective by reuniting the whole campaign family under one reporting roof!

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