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6 Things Your Client Can do to Help You Earn Links

Link Manager organize, track, analyze and manage link building campaignsLink building is hard as things stand, so why not make it a bit easier?  I'm a big fan of getting clients involved in the campaign. Especially into things that can be done to strengthen the results of the SEO campaign.

Here are a few things that a client can do to help their own campaign. I hope you like these ideas and more importantly try some of them.

1. Suppliers / Clients


Many suggest to contact suppliers or clients of your client to obtain links, however to succeed in this operation it has to be done tactfully.

I would help the client compose a template and then assist technically, but allow them to contact the particular parties involved. Their reply rate will be a lot higher than the one you would get.

2. Exhibitions and Conferences


Many agencies try to fake being the thought leaders in their client's industry. Why not work together with the client on choosing the face of their company and pitching them to speak at conferences and expos. Training a client in seeking out speaking opportunities or doing it yourself can be very worthwhile and should be part of the prospecting process.

Tip: When your client exhibits on an expo you should monitor the mentions they receive and act to turn them into links and relationships for the future campaigns. This earns you links and straightens the relationship you have.

3. Charity


Many companies have their favourite charity they work with, not many utilise this correctly for SEO. Organising a fundraising event for a charity locally and getting a few bloggers and local businesses involved is a great way to get links for their company.

This requires a lot of organisation and is long winded, but again, it strengthens your relationship with the client and can generate links very hard for your competitor to copy.  At the same time you're doing charitable work.

4. Social Listening


By listening in on social media and on the web (for example using Mention or Google Alerts) you can find opportunities for your client to show their knowledge. Forums and Q&A sites are also great for this.

Collect the opportunities and then send them to the client for them to cherry pick and contribute their expert knowledge answering the questions.

5. Research and Whitepapers


Okay I know this one doesn't sound simple. Often clients have offline research or content that could be utilised online. Many have content behind a paywall/login box that is very rarely accessed, that could be introduced anew on the blog.

This reused content can often lead to links.  For example, it could be reused as a PDF ebook and submitted to PDF sharing sites (like slideshare) to gain some basic links.

6. Basic Public Relations


Not all companies can afford to have a PR agency work for them. You should have an understanding where the client informs you of any changes in their company, especially:
  • new employees
  • new clients
  • new suppliers
  • new products
This way you can put together a press release and pitch either to local media news sites or industry magazines.

I hope some of these help and are new to you. Please post in comments if you have any other ideas.

About The Author
Krystian Szastok is originally from Poland, and living for the past 7 years in the UK. He is a digital marketing manager at rocketmill.co.uk and blogs on his personal blog - catch him there or on Twitter.

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