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Google Brings Back and Upgrades My Maps

Google is constantly introducing more personalized features across its products and maps is no different. Now with the upgraded My maps, you can also share routes and destinations with the public, and get some inspiration from other people's maps! Take a look at the official Google announcement "Make your own way with the new maps".

Google My Maps

My Maps allows you to add your own routes with images, descriptions, custom icons and details to share with the world. It's just not fair to keep the best vacation spots to yourself, but you are able to set your maps to private, or share them with only a select few. This is a great way to plan a road trip and share it with the participants, or a family vacation. 

As Google says "With these tools for exploration in hand, you can find and create maps for anything you’re interested in—like a collection of Sherlock Holmes’ famous haunts, or global tributes to Nelson Mandela. The possibilities are pretty much endless—students have photographed and mapped a city’s public art installments, authors have laid out their stories’ locations on the map, and activists have plotted out shelters and distribution centers during emergency situations. "

You can either upgrade your maps immediately, or wait until it is automatically updated (by the end of this year). So what are your favorite destinations, and who will you be sharing them with?

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