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Round 'em up with Google Local Ranking feature

Out on the range horses and dogs are used to round up the cattle, but in the massiveness of the Internet the site that’s found first rounds up the majority of the traffic and business. Since your success is important to us, Rank Ranger is proud to announce our new Google Local Ranking feature that enables you to track site rankings in Google’s personalized results by selecting a few custom parameters.

Rank Ranger Google Local Ranking feature

Viewing it Your Way – A Few Improvements

  • Your My Campaigns screen has new options to show or hide Average Ranking, Weekly or Monthly Change and Overall Performance and can be filtered by Profile.
  • Your Dashboard has a new Change View option for fast switching between primary domain view and competitors view.
  • Rank Ranger’s new Flexible Report Options allow you to customize for more detailed and meaningful reports.
Including all the possibilities here would make this overwhelmingly long, so I invite you to log in and take the new features for a gallop.

Sharp New Documentation

We’ve created brand new documentation with cool sliders so you can select only the information you need to see, plus screen shots with zoom functionality providing a graphic view of features and options to ensure optimization of your Rank Ranger experience.

We thrive on your feedback, so please let us know what your think of the changes and feel free to shoot any questions at all about your Rank Ranger experience to service@rankranger.com

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