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Google Maps & Local Guides - Never Ever Run Late Again

Image courtesy of Google Maps + Local GuideOver the years more and more business owners have been providing Google with their own business details, such as phone number, address and opening hours in Google Plus & Google Business. Until recently this information was only displayed, but never spoken out loud to searchers. A Local Guides update that Google rolled out to their Android version of Maps on June 15th now audibly warns people searching on mobile devices for business destinations if the business is closed or will be closed upon arrival based on traffic calculations.

It’s all very simple and easy to understand, as well as easy to appreciate. The way this alert system works is that when you type in i.e. "Capital Grille” in New York City to Google Maps on an Android Device, either you’ll get the "regular” message that includes distance, estimated time do destination and estimated time for arrival, a message warning you that the place will be closed by the time you arrive, or a message telling you that your destination isn’t open at all today. As simple as it sounds, and nothing more that you as a user must do to receive this information.

If you’re a business owner, and would like improve your mobile user friendliness, you should be sure to keep your Google My Business profile updated with your business days, hours and other details that potential customers would find helpful. Otherwise you might have a bunch of customers waiting outside your locked door, while your business  is closed. Not good!  Also make sure that you've set up a Google Mobile and Google Maps search engines in your rank tracking campaigns.

So far, this Google update only seems to have been added to Google Maps Android App, and not yet to Google Maps for iOS.

The question I’m asking myself now is... is the Internet, and especially Google , getting smarter and smarter and more user friendly, or is it simply getting to be a bit too much? What do you think? Do you miss the good old days with a traditional phone book, map book and land line? I surely do! 

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