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Google My Business Rank Checker - Track Your Listing in Local Pack

Managing Google My Business listings for a business with multiple locations is no easy task. Now tracking rank for a business across multiple locations has gotten that much easier and it's no small deal. If you're running a campaign for a site whose business is spread across multiple geographic locations wouldn't you want to be able to track which locations are ranking in a Local Pack or if more than one location is ranking? Well, now you can!

Maximize the Impact of Your Google My Business Listings 

We've updated our Google My Business rank checker so that you know the full impact of all of your business listings. We know that many users do SEO for sites that have multiple business locations attached to them, sometimes with each location having its own Google Business Page with only a slight difference in the page title (e.g., Brand: division type, city, state).  In such a case, you might want to be able to track and have rank counted if any of the associated locations score a Local Pack listing.  You can now enter the Business Page Title phrase that all the locations have in common (e.g., a brand name, a product line, etc.) in the Advanced Search Engine settings > Local Results Business Page Name field in parentheses, and Rank Ranger will match any Google Business Page title that contains the brand name in it.

Brand Name Include Feature
Find all Local Pack results containing the Google Business Page titles that contain a brand name by adding parentheses around the business name, select the "Include" setting.

Just by way of example, say you were working on the SEO for Jeni's ice cream shops which have locations in many US states. If Jeni's had a separate Google Business page for each location and they were all named "Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, City name" then you could select the Include option and enter (Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams) in the Business Name field of the Local Results search engine settings and that would cause Rank Ranger to include those results in your reports.  

Google Local Pack Tracking

In this example, we can see that for the keyword "ice cream shops" Jenis.com ranked in position 1 in the Local Pack. When clicking the discovery icon for that keyword we can see that the brand ranked 3 times in the local pack for different locations and the website has an organic rank of 5.  That is based on the Local Results settings above where we placed (Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams) in the Google Business Name field.

Google local pack rank tracking

What's also neat is that you can see if someone who was not authorized to do so created a Google Business Page that makes use of your brand name!

Another relatively new option is the "Include if Ranked" setting, which when checked:
  • If the primary domain is found in the Local Pack, then rank tracking records the keyword's rank in the Local Pack.
  • If the primary domain is not found in the Local Pack, then the Local Pack is ignored and Organic rank is reported (as shown in the following illustration).

Google Local Pack Results included
Google Local results included or excluded

Tracking Completely Different Google My Business Names

If you're rank tracking for multiple locations but the Google Business Page Names don't contain a common phrase (e.g., Marriott hotels: The Algonquin Hotel Times Square, Courtyard New York Manhattan, New York Marriott Marquis), then you can choose one of these options:
  • Set up separate campaigns for each location, click the Include option, and enter the exact Google Business Page name. 
  • Leave the page name field blank and if Google displays the Website link in the Local Pack then it will be included in your reports.

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Knowing the Full Impact of Your Google Business Pages 

We want you to have the ability to view a full picture of how the business you're tracking is ranking within Google's Local Pack. If you're managing a campaign for a business that operates out of multiple locations, then tracking just one Google Business Page is not going to give you the global perspective you're looking for. That's why we felt that developing the ability to track the Local Pack ranking of multiple locations was a must-have. We also realized that determining the ranking position when a Local Pack is shown on the page can be a matter of preference. You should have all of your options available to you, and that means giving you the choice to either count Local Pack results in the organic rank count, or to leave them aside - know what you want and get what you need.    

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