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Google My Business Performance Reporting with Rank Ranger

Bringing all of your local SEO data to one place, we are truly excited to announce that you can now access Google My Business data within Rank Ranger. This standout data source within our seemingly endless series of third party data integrations joins and emboldens our prolific set of local SEO tracking reports . Thus, you can conveniently access the full spectrum of your local SEO data without ever leaving Rank Ranger's software. Further, viewing Google My Business data within Rank Ranger enables you to create custom local SEO insights that can be shared in any one of our white label reporting options. 

Google My Business & Traffic Widgets

Metric Widgets showing Google My Business and referral site traffic data

Accessing Your Google My Business Data 


Conveniently, your Google My Business data is accessed as part of your Yext integration. Meaning, once you have connected your Yext account to Rank Ranger, you will automatically have access to your Google My Business data as well. It also means that you can easily view your Google My Business data alongside other Yext analytics metrics. In specific, via your Yext integration, and in addition to the other Yext analytics metrics available, you can now access the following Google My Business Metrics: 

  • Google My Business Customer Actions
  • Google My Business Map Views
  • Google My Business Search Views
  • Google My Business Search Queries 

Google My Business Metrics - Insight Graph
The Insight Graph displaying Google My Business metrics

Google My Business Data Possibilities 


Like other Yext analytics metrics, we have integrated the data from your Google My Business page into our Insight Graph and Metric Widgets. This means that you can create custom graphs and widgets that reflect your specific data reporting needs. It also means that you can compare your Google My Business data to other data sources, such as rank and visibility, on the same graph or within the same series of widgets. With the integration, those managing local SEO campaigns, can easily determine and analyze correlations between their rankings and business page performance. This in turn means that you have access to a data presentation that is not found anywhere else on the market. 

Business Page and Rank Data

Google My Business data compared to average rank on the Google Maps search engine

We've also made it possible for you to view your Google My Business data according to location. With this feature, you have the ability to create custom graphs that can either indicate national, regional, or hyper-local Google My Business data insights. To this extent, it is entirely possible to compare the Google My Business page performance of a specific location to that of national brand trends. Further, since your Google My Business data is accessed via Yext, you have access to the built-in and custom filters found within your Yext account. 

Google My Business Yext Filters
Google My Business filters as integrated from Yext and shown within the Insight Graph's data setup

Sharing Your Google My Business Data 


By accessing your Google My Business data within Rank Ranger you not only are afforded unique comparative insights, but a variety of white label ready reports and dashboards with which to share your statistics. Users seeking to show a branded version of their Google My Business data, whether for internal or external purposes, can now do so in a manner that suits their specific needs. 

To this extent users can schedule an automated white labeled PDF containing their Google My Business data alongside their other Rank Ranger reports and data. Besides being text box ready (allowing direct communication within the report), the PDF can be emailed to a number of addresses simultaneously and boasts a cover page that enables logo insertion. 

For those looking for an online reporting option to showcase their Google My Business data, our Client Dashboard offers you an easily accessible, and yet again white label, dashboard. Shareable via a secure and custom URL (with a custom domain option possible), the Client Dashboard presents a dynamic reporting option with which to share your Google My Business data.  

Lastly, and with the greatest degree of versatility, you can share the graphs/widgets highlighting your Google My Business performance within an active data, multi-page capable, 100% white label dashboard that offers full access to the HTML and CSS. The Marketing Dashboard offers you the ability to showcase your Google My Business data within an entirely customizable dashboard platform. The dashboard also allows for embedding custom content. As such, you can employ the Marketing Dashboard to display your Google My Business data alongside YouTube videos that have been placed onto a Google business page, and so forth. Not too shabby if we don't say so ourselves. 

Google My Business Data - White Label Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard showing Google My Business data alongside an embedded video 

Mind Your Google My Business!


The point here is, mind your own business.... your own Google My Business data, and mind it without having to chase down different data sets across the web just to show a complete local SEO performance picture. At the risk of sounding repetitive, why gather your Local SEO data from various places and sources when you can access all of it right in Rank Ranger. More so, when you can access your Google My Business data and manipulate it in a creative, unique, and custom manner. With white label reporting options, it's like the old saying... it's not what you say, but how you say it. How are you "saying" your local SEO and Google My Business data insights? 

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