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Rank Ranger Responds to Google My Business Local Tracking Change

In addition to encouraging local businesses to utilize their services, behind-the-scenes Google's My Business involved a dramatic update to Local search results, integrating them into maps and connecting them to the My Business platform.

We noticed the change while running validation on the reporting of rank tracking from the Google Places search engine that we offer.

Our development team quickly updated our Places and Maps tracking, and we're happy to announce that local ranks are available and tracking correctly in our SEO platform.

We think My Business has a great fresh look and for companies that have invested the time to create a professional profile at Google, this could prove to be a great marketing tool. Checking in various browsers from multiple office locations, we found that the new interface doesn't seem to have been rolled out everywhere yet. So, in case you haven't experienced it...

Click on a search result and an information box displays company data from the Google+ Business page, as well as any reviews in the profile. There are also the expected links to the website and address, plus other information like hours of operation, menus, etc. that Google "knows" about the local business.

Currently we still support tracking of Google Places, however, in the future we will be renaming with the new Google Business search engine branding.  As always, our goal is to provide you with an accurate and reliable rank tracker that meets (and often exceeds) your SEO needs!

What do you think of Google's My Business? What will searchers see when your business shows up in the SERPs?
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