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Holy Hybrid Horses! You Rangers are sharp!

That's what the farrier said when he overheard the team tossing around ideas to solve the challenge Google Places presents to search engine rank monitoring.  Now the farrier obviously isn't an SEO expert, but we were pumped by his enthusiasm and after a little more brainstorming we added a new feature that we believe provides you with the options you need.

You can now select Google Places Hybrid or Normal mode per search engine choice (e.g., Google USA, Google Global, etc. can each be set differently).

In Normal mode Rank Ranger excludes Google Places results from the count, so your rank position reports reflect only Organic results.

In this example, in normal mode on a search for the keyword "pizza" Dominos Pizza is counted in the number 1 position and the Google Places results are skipped.

Google Places normal mode

In Hybrid mode Rank Ranger includes Google Places along with Organic results in the count, so your rank position reports reflect both.
In this example, in Hybrid mode on a search for the keyword "pizza" Lombardi's is counted as the number one position with Dominos Pizza counted as 8.

We encourage you to try our new Google Places Hybrid feature and let us know if it's helping you the way we hope it will.
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