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Google SERP Features Big Data Search Intelligence

We're happy to announce the launch of our Google SERP Features tools that aim to provide online marketers and researchers with free access to search intelligence big data.

Google SERP Features Search Intelligence

Figure 1:
Search Intelligence is available for global Google search engines

Trending SERP Features

Utilizing our 500K Dataset, the Google SERP Features Search Intelligence tool provides trends and insights into Google features that enhance the user experience in search engine results.

Google SERP Page One Trends
Figure 2: Trending SERP Features for February 23, 2016 indicate dramatic change in AdWords placement

Select the SERP Features to display in graph
This free research tool can be used to benchmark and explore the presence and trending of:

  • Organic Indicators: Breadcrumbs, Events, HTTPs, Reviews, Notable Online, Image thumbnails, Video thumbnails, Search Box, SiteLinks, Twitter pack, etc.

  • Knowledge Graph Features: Knowledge Panels, Featured Snippets, Carousels, and Answer Boxes and types (e.g., Map, Related Questions, Info, Disambiguation, Dictionary, Flights, Sports, Weather, General Converters, Nutrition, Translation, Stock, Currency Conversion, WhenIs, etc.)

  • Page One Extras: Ads and ad positions, Images (Box), Local Pack, News (Box), and Related Search

  • Organic Results Count: breakdown of Results per Page

Customize a SERP Insights Graph

Select a variety of SERP features to create a custom SERP Insights graph. Hover over any point in your graph to view the detailed results.

Google SERP Insights graph
Figure 3: SERP Insights graph including select Organic Indicators, Knowledge Graph Features, Page One Extras and Organic Results Count

You can also download an image file or PDF of the search analysis graph you've created.
export search analysis graph
Figure 4: Download options in SERP Insights Graph

Page One Ads Distribution

The percentage of Google Page One search queries results containing AdWords and the location of those ads on the page are displayed in the Page One Ads Distribution chart.

Page One Ads Distribution
Figure 5: Percentage of Google Page One search queries results that include AdWords ads

Google Organic Results Count

The average number of Organic results per page is displayed along with the percentage of Page One results containing the specified number of results. For example, 10 organic results used to be standard, however, recent search intelligence indicates 5 to 12 organic results on Page One, possibly due to the number and type of SERP Features.

Google Organic Results Count
Figure 6: Google Organic Results Count statistics

Answer Box Types

Google serves users a wide variety of Answer Boxes from currency conversion to flights, maps, nutrition, related questions, weather and more that enhance user experience. This SERP Features tool provides a breakdown of the each Answer Box type by percentage of search results.

Google SERP Answer Boxes
Figure 7: Percentage of Answer Box Types displaying on Page One of Google search results

SERP Features by Country

Researchers interested in international trends and comparison of SERP features by country can utilize the Google SERP Features Global Search Intelligence tool that enables users to easily explore and analyze the existence of Page One Extras, Knowledge Graph, Page One Organic Results Count and Organic Indicators.

Page One Extras

Analyze the percentage of Page One Ads, Image boxes, News boxes, and Local Packs and Related Search served by Google to different world markets. Averages by country are also available for Ads and Related Search.

Percentage of Page One extras in Google search results
Figure 8: Percentage of Page One Extra SERP features

Knowledge Graph

Discover the percentage of Knowledge Panel, Featured Snippet, Answer Box and Carousels displayed on Page One of Google Search around the world.

Knowlege Graph percentage worldwide
Figure 9: Percentage of Knowledge Graph feature types found in Google search in each country

Page One Organic Results Count

Analyze the number of Organic results displayed on Page One of Google in each country, along with a breakdown of the percentage of queries containing the specified number of results.

Page One Organic Results
Figure 10: Page One Organic Search Results Count by Country

Organic Indicators

Percentage and Average number of HTTPS, SiteLinks, Ratings, Image and Video Thumbnails, Events, Breadcrumbs, Notable Online, Search Box and Twitter feed in Google Page One SERPs are available by country.

SERP Page 1 Organic Indicators
Figure 11: Google Search Engine Results Page One Organic Indicators by Country

Do you need more in-depth research data?

These tools are provided free of charge with results based on the current day's data.  If you're conducting research or in-depth case studies relating to Google Search and need access to additional data regarding algorithm changes, SERP features, organic, local, and mobile results and their effect on organizations, business marketers, consumers or society, please contact us using the form on the Google SERP Features Search Intelligence page and we'll be happy to assist you.

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