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How to use Analytics Keyword Filter

New feature in Rank Ranger's Analytics Overview report allows you to filter Analytics traffic results using multiple positive and negative keyword parameters.

Let's say you're doing SEO for a mobile phone company and you want to know the traffic results for the keyword "international sim card" but you want to exclude traffic results on the keywords "roaming" and "global".  Simple!  Rank Ranger's Analytics Overview report has a new Filter by Keyword option that allows you to easily accomplish that result by entering both positive and negative keywords.

Simply enter a plus (+)  before positive keywords and minus (-) before negative keywords with a space between each keyword/phrase in the Filter by Keyword field, and the precise results you're seeking appear in your report.

In this example, we've entered +"international sim card" -global -roaming

Filter Analytics by multiple keywords

When we were only able to filter by one positive or negative keyword, we achieved this result:

Filter by ONE keyword

Now, we are able to filter more precisely and we achieve this more accurate result:

Analytics filter by multiple keywords

This new feature is the result of customer requests, so we'd like to thank our customers and encourage you to tell us about your specific business needs. We're always looking for new ways to help your SEO business run smarter, faster and easier!  Please contact us with your feedback.  

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