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HTTPS SERP Icon in Rank Tracker Dashboard

Several months ago Google emphasized the importance of switching a site to HTTPS for many reasons, including a possible ranking boost. So are they serving your HTTPS URLs in the SERPs?  Check your Rank Tracker Dashboard for a special SERP icon to find out.



In the search engine result page, the listing is displayed showing the HTTPS (as seen below), however it is important to note that even when your site has switched to HTTPS, Google may not yet recognize and display the change. Therefore, our dashboard will only show the lock icon only if the https is showing up in the SERP. 

The other current SERP icons include:
  Site Links
  News Results
  Local Results

Here is an example of a Dashboard displaying the SERP icons

You can also view these results in a CSV export of your campaign rank data. Simply navigate to Utilities (in the footer when you are logged in to your Rank Ranger account) > Campaign Rank Export and select the date & campaign and export the file.  In the Special Google Results column, you'll see HTTPS if Google is displaying the secure version of your site.

Have you switched your website over to HTTPS yet?

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