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Confirm Your SEO Efforts are Working with a Glance at the Landing Page Performance Report

It has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of Google Rankings, especially with a number of landing pages to track. With Rank Ranger’s new Landing Page Performance report, you can see in one glance how well all of your landing pages are performing, while at the same time confirming which keywords are responsible for the performance. This simple way to track the success of your SEO efforts will show you which pages are performing well and which need work.

At a glance, you can tell which of your pages are performing well and ranking high, and which need work. You can also see the total monthly search volume (final column) of the keywords for which your page is ranked. This gives you an overview of which keywords are most important to focus on.

Click on the URL or on the number of keywords to see the actual keywords, and the exact rank for each landing page.

Overall the Landing Page Performance report gives you an overview of the keywords that are ranked for your pages. So, if you want to check if you’re scoring for the right keywords, for the right pages, simply take a look here and you’ll find it in a glance.

For more details on how to use the report, see the Landing Page Performance documentation.

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