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The Landing Page Monitor - Track Page Progress Like a Pro

How you guide users to the ultimate goal, conversion, greatly depends on your ability to adequately present them with the right landing page at the right time. For deep sites, with deep content, this process is that much trickier. Such sites, or any site with multiple pages, can quite often rank a variety of landing pages for any given keyword. However, not all landing pages are always equal at the task of driving the conversion process. With fluctuation trends within the industry being what they are due to increased Google algorithm updates, we wanted to make sure you have the right tool for the right job at your disposal. With that, we announce the release of our most in-depth landing page tool to date, the Landing Page Monitor

Landing Page Monitor SEO Tool

Discover Your Landing Page with the Landing Page Monitor 

The first step towards landing page success is actually being aware of the landing pages search engines are showing for a particular keyword you are targeting. The Landing Page Monitor reveals any and all of your landing pages that are showing within the top 20 results on the SERP for a given keyword. In truth, the Landing Page Monitor does much more than simply reveal your top ranking landing pages for a keyword. The tool, via its top graph, indicates the fluctuations of the displaying landing pages. Meaning, you get quick and clear insights into how your landing pages have fluctuated over a specific period of time.

By seeing these fluctuations you can easily ascertain not only which page is your top performer, but how all of your top ranking landing pages have performed over a custom selected period of time. That is, within a select period, which pages have performed either consistently or inconsistently on the SERP. 

Landing Page Monitor - Full Data
Deep landing page insights and trends on the Landing Page Monitor that includes rank, traffic, search volume, etc. 

These powerful landing page fluctuation trend insights are supplemented by landing page specific rank information. The tool's table presents both the current rank of each of your top 20 landing pages, along with the highest rank the page had reached within the reporting period, as well traffic data and SERP feature scorings. This page specific data is further accented by in-depth data for the top performing landing page that includes the page's current rank, site traffic, keyword search volume, and the total number results for the associated keyword at the time of the last date shown. The significance of having such a comprehensive set of landing page fluctuation trends and data, as provided by the Landing Page Monitor, is that it is the foundation for developing a landing page strategy and improving page performance. 

Using the Landing Page Monitor to Improve Landing Page Performance 

As mentioned, having a prolific set of landing page fluctuation data is essential for improved performance on the SERP. The Landing Page Monitor, with its deep data, facilitates this process by affording you the ability to create a landing page strategy. The tool enables you to correlate landing page fluctuations with any given number of internal or external events. By seeing the correlation between an event that may have impacted rank, you can determine the factors behind the fluctuations in an effort to develop a landing page strategy.

Determining How A Google Update Has Impacted Your Landing Pages 


In an environment where algorithm updates are part and parcel of operating on the Google SERP, it's quite common to see a once prominently ranking landing page lose its SERP prominence in favor of another page on your site. As Google constantly updates the criteria it uses to ranks pages on the SERP, tracking your landing page fluctuations could give you deep insights with long-term payoffs.

Tracking shifts in your landing page performance in conjunction with Google updates can help isolate the page qualities Google now favors. Meaning, noticing that landing pages with common elements or qualities are now favored on the Google SERP, whereas previously (i.e. before a given update) they were not, is an invaluable insight. This would be particularly true if you could isolate such a correlation across numerous keywords. The result would be the ability to form a comprehensive landing page strategy that conforms to the current and revamped Google algorithmic criteria, a serious competitive advantage for certain. 

Landing Page Monitor within the Marketing Dashboard
The Landing Page Monitor displaying a Google update and the subsequent page fluctuations that came along with it, as shown within the white labeled Marketing Dashboard 

To offer you such analytical ability, the Landing Page Monitor includes the options to show when a Google algorithm update took place. With the update indicated directly on the trends graph, you can easily isolate any correlation between a Google update and landing page fluctuations. 

Tracking the Impact of Landing Page Optimization 


The data available within the Landing Page Monitor makes tracking the SEO impact of changes you've made to your landing pages simple and straightforward. The tool offers you the ability to add custom events that display directly within the tool's line graph. That is, you can indicate any change or optimization process you've executed and visually track its impact by monitoring landing page fluctuations.   

Landing Page Fluctuations per SEO Optimization
Determine the ranking impact of changes made to landing pages by inserting notes/events onto the Landing Page Monitor's fluctuation graph

As such, the Landing Page Monitor is the perfect tool for A/B testing. Meaning, should you make a change to one landing page that ranks for a specific keyword, but not to another, with the Landing Page Monitor you can easily determine the ranking impact effectuated by the change. As a result, you can effectively determine the real-world value of your current landing page strategy.  

Monitor Landing Page SERP Feature Scorings


Beyond offering you the ability to develop a more effective landing page strategy, the Landing Page Monitor provides you with a global understanding of the strength of your landing pages. By showing you the SERP features that each of your top 20 ranking landing pages score, you can determine the overall strength of your landing pages.

Take for example a scenario where you have an inconsistently performing landing page that when it does appear within the top 10 scores a Featured Snippet. Such information is invaluable in determining where to allocate limited SEO resources. Certainly the potential to consistently score a Featured Snippet would be a big win and might deserve your full attention and SEO resources to move the page towards a more consistent top 10 ranking. A scenario such as this is only one of the ways that you can utilize the SERP feature disclosure found within the Landing Page Monitor. 

SERP Feature Scoring - Landing Page Monitor
See which SERP features your top ranking landing pages score on the SERP

Smooth Landings Are within Your Grasp 

Fluctuating landing pages are almost a given as sizable Google algorithm updates seem to be the new norm. In such an environment, monitoring your landing page performance is all the more important. After all, the last place you want to end up is relying on a specific landing page to make that conversion when Google has swapped it out for another page on your site that better aligns to the latest update. Staying on top of vacillating algorithmic preferences could result in huge returns should you be able to pick up on the driving factors behind Google's page favorability.

The Landing Page Monitor gives you the competitive edge that comes with being able to isolate the types of pages that Google prefers. Whether it be in responding to a Google update, or even just working to improve your pages, the Landing Page Monitor takes the guesswork out of developing a sound landing page strategy. Don't let fluctuating landing pages ruin your chances for scoring conversions, utilize the Landing Page Monitor and put smooth landings within your grasp. 

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