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Link Building: Remember that Behind Every Screen is a Person

Everyone who has ever done link-building is conscious about the hard work behind it, and what it takes to earn the strong, authorized, high quality links that Google does like - not the spammy ones,  the bulk-links that you can purchase for $1000 for 10 links, "at least PR4”, for 12 months, or even better "forever”.

Is Link Building Really Dead?

Quality Link BuildingOften we hear that link building is dead, and less of value now than just a few years ago. That is true, but with a huge twist to it. The spammy kind of link-building, as mentioned above is dead. As dead as a rock!  Google is too intelligent, and will sooner rather than later find out, penalize the site - and we can then consider the site being part of history with no, or very small chances to recover.

Real link-building requires relationship-building behind the screens, earning quality shares and content promotion. That’s the future. It's what I would call "real link-building”, building links from scratch. Starting with personal connections, which could be online via social networking sites like LinkedIn, but preferably starting with a connection in real life. Not hiding behind a computer screen.

Different Ways To Acquire Links

backlink trackingAs a link-builder, what you’re looking for is real, top quality links leading to your site. Backlinks that bring value to your website, improve your trustworthiness, make Google realize that your site deserves the links, and that the link isn’t there to trick Google. That the links aren’t bought, or acquired through spammy link networks, but rather from networking and hard work.

First of all, think outside the box. Meet people, get to know people, give people a reason to like you, make people interested in you, make people conscious about you and your qualities, offer value to others, prove to people that you’re for real. The list can be long, in other words, make connections with real people, not only computer screens and Gmail addresses. It’s the real people that provide you with the real links, the links worth tracking, and the non-paid links that will bring your site to the top SERP position, not for a day, not for a week - hopefully for eternity.

Business & Social Networking

Social metrics and business networkingIts all about connections, relationships and trust. And about investing the money right. Some of the money that you might have set aside for purchasing links could rather be spent on social events and making connections with people. For example, participate in meetups, exhibitions, tailored events for SEO & Marketing, get yourself out there. Meet people, help people meet you and get to know you.

Promote yourself, but not as a link builder. Outspoken link builders can come across "wrong”. Promote yourself as a writer, a damn good writer, writing top quality content, worth sharing and passing on to others.  And if someone would share your content, of course it would be someone who knows you, and knows your face and real name, not just another @gmail.com address.

Building Trust

What a lot of people seem to forget, I’ve seen it myself more than once regarding link-building, is that trust is everything. Out of my own experience, I’d never give away a powerful and valuable link to someone I don’t trust, in the same way that I wouldn’t expect or request a strong link from someone, that I haven’t given my trust to. Serious and professional link-building is business, and is supposed to be a win-win situation. Nothing dodgy, nothing spammy - like any other kind of business.

quality link buildingLink-building should be a long-term investment, not a simple one day to another day process. The goal is to acquire links that will increase your SERP position, increase sales and grab a bigger piece of the market share.

By doing it correctly, following the rules - your success isn’t far away!
  • Be a real person, not just another @gmail.com address.
  • Create real connections with real people. Care about your fellow link-builders, and they might care about you.
  • Prioritize quality rather than quantity. One real link brings you more trust than 10 or 20 spammy bulk-links.
  • Make link-building a win-win situation.

ROI: The Bottom Line

Paid Link ROISo what’s the bottom line? In order for anyone to manage with profitable link-building you must make sure that your links are quality links. And do not let anyone fool you. Secondly, you must make sure to track your links, see what they’re bringing you, that the links are alive and not broken. 

In the case of paid links, you can keep track of each and every link's purchase price, the position on the page that you paid for, start and expiration dates. If you're merely exchanging links, or someone has allowed you a non-paid link, it is still important to track and evaluate the source page's social media share value, page authority, number of referring domains and page backlinks. This can be done in several ways; either using tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or using something, if you’d ask me, better, more suitable and 100% reliable… with Rank Ranger's Link Manager, you can you easily add all your links and track your backlink ROI. 

About The Author
Joel has many years of hands-on experience working in SEO for a variety of European and international businesses. His great knowledge and deep understanding of what it takes to become a real SEO Pro shines through in his passion to help Rank Ranger customers understand the benefits of utilizing our platform.

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