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You work hard to create quality backlinks and relationships but how do you monitor that investment?  Link Ranger to the rescue! 

Link Ranger is our new service of Link Management and SEO Metrics tools. Track and analyze backlinks, monitor supplier and employee activity and expenses with our link and project management tools, review backlink SEO stats and metrics, and more!

Backlink Analysis with Link Ranger

Backlinks Tracking is simple with our Link Report, Anchor Text Summary and Anchor Text Status reports that can filtered by multiple parameters – and also exported to Excel or CSV if desired. 

Backlink Analysis can be accomplished through the Link Status report which indicates whether or not a link is valid, has matching anchor text, is marked as no follow, exists at the host address, etc. Plus SEO Parameters including Total Links, Unique IPs, Domains, SEO Score, and Page Ranks and Country Breakdown displaying the number of links per country in both chart and graph formats.


Link and Project Management

Link & Project Management tools that enable you to track activity and expenses by assigning suppliers, users and/or profiles to each link. Link Management Reports include Link Status Summary, Total Expenses and Monthly Expenses by Profile or by User. For additional employer or contractor management, Link Ranger provides an overall User Activity Summary graph as well as individual user performance Monthly Activity graph and chart.


Backlinks Stats & Metrics are also included as Link Ranger conveniently pulls all the relevant data you need for each backlink URL in your account; such as Page Rank, IP Address and country of origin, number of internal & external links that exist in your backlink page and more.

While surfing for potential backlinks you can also see if a link already exists in your Link Ranger account through simple integration with the SeoQuake toolbar.

Monitor your investment with Link Ranger's Link Management and SEO Metrics tools. Learn more or get started right away with a 30-day free trial to Link Ranger!

Current Rank Ranger users can add Link Ranger as an additional product to their existing account, so if you'd like to try Link Ranger simply:
1. Log in to your Rank Ranger account
2. Click the Rank Ranger logo in the top left
3. Click the Start your free trial link below the Link Ranger logo.

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