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Plans and Packages Overhaul

Hi Rangers!
We are happy to announce that Rank Ranger now supports multiple package subscriptions, and we have categorized them in an intuitive way.
Here is how we have arranged them:

1) The Standard 5 package = 5 Standard campaigns
2) The Standard 20 package = 20 Standard campaigns
3) The Pro 5 package = 5 Pro campaigns
4) The Pro 20 package = 20 Pro campaigns
5) The Elite 5 package consists of 5 Elite campaigns
6) The Elite 30 package consists of 30 Elite campaigns

You can always increase the number of campaigns you manage by purchasing as many additional packages as you wish, for example if you need 5 Standard campaigns, 10 Pro campaigns and 90 Elite campaigns, simply purchase one Standard 5 package, two Pro 5 packages and three Elite 30 packages etc.

Note: You can add as many additional Standard, Pro or Elite packages as you wish to your account at any time, irrespective of whether your current packages are Standard, Pro or Elite packages.

You can also upgrade any of your current campaigns to a different campaign type at any stage by transferring campaigns to different packages.

If our standard campaigns and packages are too limited for your needs, you might be interested in our premium Enterprise Plan.
Old packages are no longer sold. They will still function for those who bought them before, as specified.
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