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The New Google Maps has Launched

It's the new Google Maps! Google has upgraded Google Maps and it looks great. 

With the new version you are able to find real time traffic, get directions with multiple stops, view a 3D version of satellite images and so much more.

Make Smarter Decisions - when searching for a place near you, related results will be shown alerting you to places you might not even know existed.

Get where you're going, faster - Google Maps will show you the best way for you to travel, by taking real-time traffic and distance into account. You can choose to travel by car, public transport or foot.

Rich Imagery - the new Maps has a carousel of images at the bottom of the screen, which shows the user options to view street view images, satellite images and even walk-throughs of certain buildings. Time to explore the world with a click!

The best part is that it still looks the same and seems just as easy to use.

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