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Rank Ranger Mobile App for On-the-Go SEO

Launched this week in the Google Play store, Rank Ranger's new Android mobile app was created for SEOers who have a need to check rankings while away from the office. It's not a replacement for our full-featured SEO Rank Tracker, but definitely lets you get a quick snapshot of your rankings. Here's a quick peek...

Campaign Selection
Simply select the Campaign you want to view.
SEO Mobile App view of SEO Campaign Selection

Report Options
Select from the Domains, Search Engines and Keywords you have set up for the campaign in your Rank Ranger account.
SEO Mobile App Report Options

Rank Tracking Report
Quick view of rank changes in Keywords moving up, down or remaining the same in the SERPs.
Monitor Search Engine Ranking with Mobile App

Manage Rank Tracker App Connected Devices
Each time you connect a new mobile device to your Rank Ranger account via our mobile app, a key is generated automatically. You can revoke access for any device at any time.
Manage Mobile App Users

The application scales from Android smart phones to full-size tablets. Requires Android version 4.0 or above. 
 Rank Tracker Mobile App

Smarter, Faster, Easier! That's our goal and we hope this update will make it easier for you to obtain the type of results you want in user interface that's fun and easy.  We're always looking for new ways to help your SEO business run smarter, faster and easier!  You can contact us by email, or jump into a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your ideas and requests, or just to say "hi" and let us know if and how you plan to use this application.
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