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Twitter is Expanding Their Ad Options

Social Media Platforms have become a major tool in people's lives and in marketing and advertising. The world has become a more interactive place, but in order for these platforms to keep users interested, they need to constantly evolve and develop. This comes into plat with all aspects including user experience, variety of content as well as interesting advertising options.

Facebook has numerous ways that you can market your content including promoted posts, side adverts, offers and others. Linked In also offers side adverts and promoted content, and now Twitter will be offering 15 new types of ads according to The Wall Street Journal

The first ad type that has been rolled out gives the user the option to be taken to the App Store directly from the tweet, with a large Download button. This is a big improvement allowing users to take immediate action after seeing a tweet. 

Mashable also discusses a possible ad using a "click to call" button, allowing users to click the ad on their mobile app, and immediately call the company being advertised. This would be a major boost for service companies, specifically local companies who could take advantage of Twitter's great geographical targeting.

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So are you using Twitter ads? Will you be using Twitter ads with these new ad types?
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