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It's Iconic! Filter Dashboard Rank Reports by SERP Feature

Filter SERP results

Which keywords are ranking for a landing page that's scoring special Google SERP Indicators and which search indicators are displaying for that landing page - local, ratings, images thumbnails, search box, etc.? The addition of our new SERP Indicators Filter to the Rank Tracker Dashboard enables deeper analysis into specific SERP indicators displaying in Google search results for your keywords.

Analyze SERP Performance

We understand that with the growing variety of SERP features, analyzing competitive search performance might be challenging without the right tools, so we've added a SERP Indicator filter that makes it easy to isolate the exact search data you need to make smart marketing decisions. 

In the Dashboard you can now filter your rank tracking report by a specific combination of SERP Indicators to display only results that include those exact results by choosing the "Required all selected (AND)" option.

In this example, the AND option was selected for  SiteLinks and Mobile Friendly resulting in a rank tracking report displaying only the keywords with landing pages that contained both of those SERP indicators in the search engine results

Note that the keyword "Jeni's ice cream flavors" also displays the SERP Indicators HTTPS and Breadcrumbs in this search engine report because the logic is to show only the landing pages with both of the special search indicators, but it does not hide the additional indicators displayed in the search engine results for those landing pages.

filter rank report by only specific SERP features

Filter for any number of SERP Indicators

Since you might want to analyze any landing pages that appear in the search results with one or more SERP features, we've included the filter "Contains at least one (Or)" more.  In this example, any results that contain either SiteLinks OR Mobile Friendly SERP features are displayed.  The logic of this option is that as long as one of the selected SERP features is present in the Google search result for the landing page, it will display in the rank tracker report.

SERP Indicator Filter results contain either one OR more

Competitor Research Using SERP Indicators

Depending upon your market, some SERP indicators might be more relevant than others. The SERP filter not only makes it easy to analyze your search results, but also your competitor's rank and SERP indicators for the keywords you're tracking. 

In this example, we're tracking ice cream parlors in nashville and four out of the five sites are mobile friendly, two are using HTTPS and three are displayed in search results with breadcrumbs.


Many Other Practical Applications of SERP Indicator Research

In addition to competitor research, there are many other practical applications for researching SERP Indicators, these are just a few that come to mind:

Local businesses and location-based directories can filter the Rank Dashboard to view only the keywords that are producing Local Pack results and share those wins with clients. Additionally, analysis could be done to determine if there are pages that aren't ranking in the Local Pack but should be and therefore might require further optimization.


Since Google continues to update its mobile-friendliness algorithm, you could filter your SEO report for that SERP Indicator and also check out the competition's readiness.

mobile friendly SEO report

The new Special SERP Indicator filter makes tracking your - and your competition's - SERP ranking easier than ever. When you zero in on a specific SERP feature, or group of features, and even just a pair of features, or various pairs of features, we recommend that you refer to Google Webmaster Guidelines for tips and instructions on improving your site's presence and functionality in the SERPs.

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