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Rank Ranger and MajesticSEO Partner Up


Hey guys. I just wanted to give you all a heads up about one of the exciting developments afoot at RankRanger - our partnership with MajesticSEO.

Who Is MajesticSEO?
If you have not heard of them yet, here is a short background about MajesticSEO and what they bring to the table. MajesticSEO is one of the biggest names in the link intelligence industry. They constantly map the internet and have, over the past several years, created the largest commercial link intelligence database in the world. Their web link map is used by SEO professionals, new media specialists, affiliate managers and online marketing experts for a variety of Internet marketing and analytical uses including link building, competitor analysis, website traffic development, reputation management and news monitoring. MajesticSEO routinely revisits web pages and sees around a billion URLs a day. MajesticSEO is based in England and has a global client base.

How does the RankRanger/MajesticSEO Partnership Benefit You?
Now that you know who MajesticSEO is, you’re probably wondering how the RankRanger/MajesticSEO partnership will benefit you? The answer is simple, even more data will be at your fingertips. In addition to the host of information about search engine rankings, search volume and market share you already get from RankRanger; you will also gain access to a wealth of data about your clients’ (and their competitors’) websites’ link profiles i.e. you will be able to see how many backlinks, external domains, IP addresses, class c subnets, gov and edu ( ac) websites refer visitors to your clients' (and their competitors') domains – all from within the comfort of your friendly RankRanger UI.

The Bottom Line
Keeping in mind that link data is an important contributing factor to search engine ranking and that understanding the link profiles of websites can enable a better quantitative understanding and better analysis of search engine positioning - the integration of link data from MajesticSEO into RankRanger reports means that your job as an SEO specialist just got a whole lot easier. No more flipping from one platform to another and no more cross-referencing data across platforms. All the data you need is now at your fingertips in one convenient place. What’s more, link data from MajesticSEO is made available to RankRanger clients at no extra cost - this means you get to access top quality data from both RankRanger and MajesticSEO as part of your regular RankRanger service.

And There’s More Coming...
Just in case this news was not enough, we will keep the good tidings coming. In addition to integrating MajesticSEO data into current RankRanger reports, RankRanger developers are currently hard at work developing several new exciting reports made possible by the RankRanger/MajesticSEO partnership. Also in the works - a variety of additional useful SEO marketing tools to be launched soon.
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