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Have You Noticed Our Platform Updates?

Over the past month, we have introduced many updates to our platform. To help you integrate these updates into your everyday SEO activities, here is a short summary with links to resources to help you learn more about each update.

Add a BCC in Your White Label PDF Report

It is important to know the exact information that you are sending out to clients, so we've added a BCC feature to your Automated White Label PDF reports in order for you to accurately track what your clients are receiving - and when. You can also use this field to send a blind copy to your boss or co-worker.

Add BCC to White Label Report

Improved Charts Across the Platform

We have upgraded most of our charts to make them easier to read (as well as better looking) when exporting them in any format. Events & Notes, as well as Google Algorithm Updates have been viewable on-screen, but now also display in your exported charts and automated white label PDF reports, providing a visual explanation of dramatic changes in rankings when they occur.

Rank and Visibility Score Chart

Easily Search for Exact Domain in Tracked Links

Rank Ranger’s Link Manager is your solution to easily organize, track, analyze and manage your link building campaigns. This update now makes the manage part easier, by allowing you to search for an exact domain name by adding quotation marks around your search term in the search bar. If you search without the quotation marks, any domain containing that phrase will appear.

Search a single word and fetch results with that word in the Link Source.
Single word search in Link Source

Search an exact domain in quotation marks and fetch Link Source results exactly matching the search term.
Search exact link domain

So what do you think of our updates? Test them out and let us know in the comments!
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Shiri brings her knowledge in online marketing and social media, among other things to the Rank Ranger team. She's excited to be a Ranger and looks forward to wearing the ranger hat and getting her sheriff's badge in the SEO force.

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