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New Rank Ranger Features Bursting Out of the Stables today!

Rank Ranger has made some major improvements for you in our February 3rd update!

Improvements to White Label PDF Reports give you the ability to:

  • Create custom Cover Templates for each of your customers and/or report types.
  • Add any Rank Ranger report or graph directly from the report screen with the settings you've chosen or within the White Label PDF Report interface.
  • Customize, save and reuse report layouts for new reports.
  • Schedule reports to be sent weekly or monthly on specific dates.
  • Have reports sent to your primary account email or an alternate email address of your choosing.

Refer to documentation for details on how to use these new features.

New Rankings Graph interface lets you simply generate graphs exactly the way you want them.

Rank Graph Options

Rank Graph options

And there’s more – because we do our best to listen and respond to customer requests!

  • New My Favorites feature allows you to add reports and graphs to your Favorites list for quick access.
  • Rank Ranger now remembers where you were the last time you were logged in and takes you directly there when you return. My History retains details and links to the most recent 500 reports and graphs you’ve accessed.
  • More Report Option parameters, plus the ability to determine the Search Engine sorting per report.
  • New Search in Reports function
  • New API Testing Tool generates your API code based on the method, keywords or domains you select – making SEO Smarter, Faster & Easier for you!
We thrive on your feedback, so please let us know what your think of the changes and feel free to shoot any questions at all about your Rank Ranger experience to service@rankranger.com
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