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June Recap: Reputation Management, Social Metrics & more

June was a wild month at Rank Ranger! I want to make sure you didn’t miss learning about the new SEO tools and updates to our software so here’s a brief recap:

Link Ranger Link Management and SEO MetricsNew Product Release: After months in development, we launched Link Ranger Link Management and SEO Metrics tools. If you track and analyze backlinks, monitor supplier and employee activity and expenses you can now use our link and project management tools, review backlink SEO stats and metrics, and more! A Shout-out of THANKS goes to our beta testers! Learn more or get started right away with a 30-day free trial to Link Ranger!

Domain Analysis Updated with Social MetricsDomain Analysis Update:  Social Metrics were added to the Domain Statistics table and throughout the entire Domain Analysis report you'll notice that metrics are now monitored to show historical changes - each metric displays a + or – sign if any changes have occurred.

SEMRush metrics were added to track organic data in Google and Bing SERPs providing access to competitor rankings in the top 20 Google and Bing results for the top 95+ million organic keywords.  MajesticSEO and Ahrefs metrics have been expanded providing you with the benefit of data from the largest Link Intelligence database on the planet plus crawls and indexes of up to 6 billion web pages per day.  

New Tool Launched: The Ranger Risk Index measures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords that we monitor daily. We're investigating and graphing the ranking patterns of Google algorithm changes, and hope that by providing you with this Google algorithm monitoring service, you'll be alert to address potential negative results quickly. Check it out...

Ranger Risk Index Google Algorithm Monitor

Online Reputation ManagementOnline Reputation Management tools released: Use our new Reputation Management package to track search engine rankings of web pages that you've determined are producing positive, neutral or negative impact to a brand and its reputation.

  • Monitor daily, weekly and monthly SERP changes as you work to push positive brand messages into the top search result positions.
  • Track multiple URLs per campaign.
  • Customize reports and color-highlight brand impact types for visual aid in monitoring progress.
  • And benefit from a full range of Rank Ranger SEO features. Learn more...
Analytics Conversions reportNew Report: Rank Ranger's Analytics Conversions report  provides an enhanced analysis of your Google Analytics Goals Conversions and Ecommerce transactions including number and rate of conversions, top Referral Sources and Top Keywords.  Mouse-over any point or number in the interactive graph to view the number of conversions or transactions on any day.  See how easy it is to set up. 
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