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How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

The vast differences in the language of voice search when compared to written search truly precludes dual optimization. There is no way simply using long tail keywords is going to bridge the linguistic divide as many in the SEO world have expressed. Unless Google can bridge the gap for us, creating content that meets the linguistic requirements of both search mediums is going to be rough. Don't believe me? Read on...

Voice Search Optimization (Why We're Getting Voice Search All Wrong

Voice search is the latest and greatest craze to hit the SEO world. If you've been keeping up on your SEO reading it's very likely that you may have come across some sort of article testing out some sort of voice search device, be it Google Home or Amazon Echo, etc. But with this latest phenomena to enter the search universe has come concern of how to optimize for the new search medium. Almost uniformly the SEO community has taken an approach for how to best optimize for a future that includes voice search, but what if we're all wrong? Just in case you were wondering, I think we're way off base here as an industry and in this two part series I'll tell you why.

Google's Health Knowledge Panel: Benefits & Possible Damage

Recently, I wrote a post giving readers a virtual tour of Google's Health Panel. As a part of a series I'm writing on Google's Knowledge Panel, the main focus was on how the SERP feature functioned and what information it offered. In this post I will raise some practical and moral questions like "is the Health Panel good to have on the SERP, and if not, what justification is there for it appearing on Page One when searching for medical conditions?". These are legitimate questions considering that Google, no matter how you slice it, is at the end of the day offering Page One medical content that people will use to evaluate serious medical conditions. 

The Complete Guide to Google's Health Panel

Out of the various Knowledge Panels none stands out more than Google's Health Panel, also known as Health Cards, also known as Dr. Google. In this installment of my "Knowledge Panel" series we'll explore just how prolific and unique Google's health feature is.

The Potential Impact of Google's New Interstitial Penalty

Google's August 23rd announcement outlining a new and upcoming penalty on mobile sites employing interstitial ads had everyone talking. Just how big and how powerful are these ads and just how significant would a Google penalty on them be? Is Google about to penalize an under-performing peon or are they going after a golden Goliath?

Google's Success: 3 Winning Brand Marketing Strategies You Can Emulate

If Google is good at one thing (other than search of course) it's marketing strategy. Though you'll never see an ad for the king of the search engines, this query behemoth employs some of the most subtle, yet fantastically impressive marketing strategies out there. Strategies that you should definitely take a look at and work in your own marketing tactics. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the Grandmaster of subtle marketing.

How Advertisers can use Keyword Research to Perform Brand Analysis

Keyword research is a uniquely dynamic way to perform brand analysis and in the first installment of this blog series, you saw exactly how brands and content creators can take advantage of this far-reaching method. In this second part in the keyword research for brand analysis saga, we'll get into the heart of the matter by seeing how employing keyword research in this manner can change how advertisers approach their trade.

How to Use Content Marketing to Get More Traffic and Conversions

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe "if you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately back here in the real world it simply doesn’t happen that way. You’re up against thousands of competitors in your niche, so the chances of your business taking off without any legwork on your part are slim at best. By using the following guide, you’ll increase your chances of growing your business over time. Of course it’s going to take time to see any results. But if you’re persistent in your pursuit of success and you pursue it strategically you’ll reap the rewards.

Untwisting Twitter Terms: A Metric Trek

Our Twitter Analytics report is a powerful tool for monitoring your progress on the social media giant. But with terms like Replies Reach, Favorites Gained, and even Retweets Gained, it's no wonder why trekking through Twitter data can feel more like trudging through mud than skiing down a beautiful slope fancy-free. Not to worry, we're here to help take the mystery out of, and bring meaning to, those metrics that comprise your Twitter life.

Google to Put More Weight on Mobile-Friendliness

In an effort to get everyone to make nice and play together well in the sandbox, Google is raising the mobile-friendliness stakes. Hoping for liberty and justice for all and in bringing device equality to the universe, Google announced it will increase the weight of mobile-friendliness on page ranking. Starting in May, Google will be adding more weight to its mobile-friendly algorithm upping the ante on the relationship between mobile-friendliness and SERP rankings.

Click-Fraud a Multi-Billion Industry

Today a large portion of Internet traffic consists of non-human bots. Click-fraud is a scam on the Internet that is a big problem for many companies that advertise online since they pay for fraudulent clicks.

Optimize Content with 9 Professional Blogging Tips

To come up with the perfect blog post; SEO friendly, good readability score and interesting content, that can sometimes be very hard, even for the best of us. One of the main purposes of adding a blog to a website is to increase the organic traffic, as well as a sites' SEO, both On-Page and Off-Page. Here are 9 simple tips you all should keep in mind and remember, every time you’re writing a blog post - regardless of topic.

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