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Quickly Present Traffic Source Analysis Like an SEO Pro

Organic? Paid Search? Direct Links? Referral Links? Social Media? Email Marketing? Where is the site traffic coming from and does the source fluctuate from month-to-month?  Summarizing traffic sources in one colorful easy to understand report seemed like the perfect addition to the monthly reports SEO professionals send to important clients, so we are happy to present Rank Ranger's awesome new Traffic Sources report.

Analytics Traffic Sources Report
Traffic Sources Analysis Report

Sure, you could go through the trouble of downloading data for each site you're tracking and possibly even create colorful interactive tables and graphs similar to these, but why try to reinvent the wheel when we've made it so easy for you?

Simply log into your Rank Ranger account, click the Analyse tab and select the Traffic Sources report. Set your date range, and add a title if you'd like, and your report is ready to be shared with your customers. With one-click you can export to PDF or add it to your White Label PDF Reports (you can also enable it for client view in your White Label Portal).

This is the last of three new awesome reports we promised you (here and here). We're always looking for new ways to help your SEO business run smarter, faster and easier!  You can contact us by email, or jump into a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your ideas and requests, or just to say "hi" and let us know if you like this new report!
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