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SEO Widgets: Performance at a Glance

SEO Widgets add life and color to your Rank Ranger reports. A quick and easy SEO Widget installation adds a level of interest and readability for managers and clients. Widgets provide a performance summary, a perfect introduction to your detailed SEO reports.

Four colorful widgets are currently available so you can present your data graphically. Create an exciting dashboard with the data that you want to see, including rank performance and traffic. Add them to the top of the Rank Tracker Dashboard and Weekly Snapshot report, the White Label Portal, and even integrate them into White Label PDF Reports.

Keyword Performance

The Keyword Performance Widget displays an overview of your campaign’s keyword rank;  showing daily, weekly, monthly and overall Keyword Change. A pie chart displays the percentage of Keyword Positions in each of the top SERP categories.  Gain & Loss of your keywords in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and top 10 rankings are displayed along with overall change.

This widget is ideal for demonstrating a high level overview of keyword ranking performance in the SERPs, in an easy to understand format.

Keyword Performance Summary

Analytics Overview


The Analytics Overview widget contains a Traffic graph for the previous month and a Top Channels bar chart displaying traffic source including:
  • Organic Search
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Email Traffic
  • Paid Search
A Device Overview pie chart detailing visits from Desktop, Mobile and Tablet browsers rounds out this SEO widget.

Quickly connect Google Analytics to your campaign to start using and sharing this widget in your SEO reports.

Analytics Overview Widget

Analytics Demographics

View an impressive snapshot of website visitor demographics including geographic locations, age and gender with our Analytics Demographics widget. For deeper audience insights, and to determine if your site is reaching your target audience, our Analytics Audience Demographics report includes summary and detailed session, segments, goal completions and traffic metrics by age and gender.

The campaign must be connected to your Google Analytics profile and, in order to view age and gender data, the domain must be using Universal Analytics.

Analytics Demographics Widget

Performance Summary


Include in your SEO reports our colorful Performance Summary widget with Rank Distribution graph detailing the total number of keywords ranking in the top search engine results pages, along with Visibility and Traffic graphs demonstrating rank and website traffic during the most recent 4 weeks.

To view the Traffic graph, the campaign must be connected to Google Analytics.

Performance Summary Widget

The widgets can easily be added in four areas:
  1. Track Dashboard
  2. Weekly Snapshot
  3. White Label Portal
  4. White Label PDF Report

How to Use the Widgets

In both the Track Dashboard and Weekly Snapshot reports, simply open Report Options > Widgets and select to Show the appropriate widgets. Click Apply Changes and view your widgets in the reports.

SEO Widget in the Track Dashboard

For White Label Client Dashboards navigate to Campaign Settings > Client Dashboard. There you are able to select which reports to show in the portal. Scroll down and check the box under Graphs > Widgets. They will then be available as a separate report in the portal for clients to see.

SEO Widgets in the White Label Portal

In order to choose which widgets will be viewable, navigate to Reports > Graphs > Widgets. Under Report Options > Widgets select which widgets you would like to Show or Hide and then navigate below to the Save button and select to Save as Client Dashboard Default. Be sure that you are in the correct campaign corresponding to the White Label Portal you are editing.

Save Defaults for SEO Widgets

Add SEO Widgets to PDF Reports
To add widgets to your White Label PDF Report, go to Reports > Graphs > Widgets. You should then edit the Report Options as you would like them displayed in the PDF Report. You are able to choose which dates data should be displayed for, add a custom title, and select which widgets to display. Once you have finalized your options, use the gold settings button, and select Add to PDF Reports.

You are also able to add the report directly in your PDF Report under the Report Content section, by clicking the Add Report button. There you are once again able to change your settings as desired.

Add SEO Widgets in your PDF Report

For more information about the SEO widgets, see our documentation.

Which widget will you be using most and what other widgets would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

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