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Rank Ranger's Position on SERP Tracking

In light of the recent announcements of companies abandoning SERP tracking, we feel it’s important to let you know that SERP Tracking is where we dedicate most of our resources, it is a core service in Rank Ranger's SEO toolkit and we will not consider discontinuing that service for any reason.

Rank Ranger had an Adwords API several months ago and one day Google suddenly informed us that they felt we were in violation of their TOS. We asked for detailed information regarding what we could do to correct whatever they thought the problem was, we're still waiting for an answer. I guess we have the answer now that we see what has happened over at Raven and Ahrefs.

While we were waiting, we decided to find a solution independent of Google and fortunately for us - and our customers - we found one.

At Rank Ranger we are continually updating our systems to maintain Google's constant changes and we are committed to provide our customers with the data they need to run successful SEO businesses. Our staff has geared up to help SEOs who need to quickly get their data migrated from Raven to Rank Ranger so they can get on with the business of providing top notch services to their clients. We respect the decision made by other SEO tool companies recently and wish them all the best in the new direction they're heading.

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