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Something Is Up With Google

Possibly the most significant update of 2014 has hit Google! Our Rank Risk Index has been showing fluctuations since August 8th and today a major spike is clear. 

We have been following closely:

Today we see the highest fluctuations this year, even higher than the Panda 4.0 update. Although Google has not yet made a statement, we suspect they soon will since a spike like this surely will not go unnoticed. 

The fluctuations seem significant as they are in the same range as the Hummingbird update which gave a Risk Level of 89 and the Authorship Rich Snippet update with a Risk Level of 113.

Have you seen any shifts in your rankings? Let us know in the comments below.
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Shiri brings her knowledge in online marketing and social media, among other things to the Rank Ranger team. She's excited to be a Ranger and looks forward to wearing the ranger hat and getting her sheriff's badge in the SEO force.

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