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Time to Speed Up on PC and Mobile

Google has updated their PageSpeed Insights tool to offer more information into the speed of mobile sites, helping to make sure that your site is running at an optimal speed and therefore will avoid penalties from Google. It will also show tips for making the usability simpler and better, which in turn cuts down on the time the user needs to navigate around the page, saving time for your user and making your page appear more speedy. 

"PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster." - Google

The average mobile site takes 7 seconds to load, but Google is confident that they can help you cut down on that time to around 2 seconds, making users happier and therefore getting more traffic to your mobile site.

Some tips that were included in the post to improve your mobile page speed include:
  • Configure the viewport
  • Size content to the viewport
  • Use legible font sizes
  • Size tap targets appropriately
  • Avoid plugins

It's worth a try to simply type in your URL and test out the Page Speed.
Read the official announcement on the Google Blog.

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