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The Farrier Was Here!

Don’t know what a farrier is?  S/he’s the gal or guy who provides expert hoofcare and is the shoer of horses. So while our farrier was out on the range caring for some horses, we got to shooting the breeze about the importance of top quality horseshoes because they serve as the horse’s footing and stability.  That led the team to discussing Rank Ranger’s foundation and we got to work on some improvements, as well as new features we hope you’ll like.

Transferring Campaigns between packages is now much it easier as we’ve eliminated a step and made it possible to transfer to and from any package type as long as the number of keywords doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed in the package you’re transferring into.

White Label PDF Reports now have a Table of Contents automatically generated for reports containing two or more 2 report elements.

Keyword Efficiency Index/KEI has been added to the Rankings Summary > Dashboard as an additional metric. This metric represents the competition on AdWords and organic results versus the amount of potential traffic it can bring your website. 

All MajesticSEO and Ahrefs parameters including Indexed Pages, Backlinks, Gov, Edu, Referring Domains and IP addresses, and Class C subnets are now available in Research  > Domain Impact.

Graphs have a new quick-add feature for multiple selections like keywords, domains and search engines by using the >> button.

A Reset feature has been added to all reports. To revert to a report’s default settings, simply mouse over the settings icon (at the right of the date/print bar) and click Default Report Settings.  This is to benefit anyone who has made changes in the Report Settings and would prefer to revert to a clean slate of default settings for a specific report.

Manage Sub-Users is a new feature that allows you to add /remove users to/from your account with an assigned user name and password that you manage. This was created with your employees in mind; to give customers access to your Client Dashboard please refer to our documentation.

And now for the pretty new feature…
Historical Backlink Changes
Our Research Tools have some brand spankin’ new Historical Changes graphs for Backlinks, Indexed Pages and Page Rank.  These new graphs offer complete flexibility in customization including:
•    color choices
•    type and size of lines, labels and markers
•    custom graph size
•    chart types: line, step line, column, bubble, bar, point or stacked column
•    display of graph, table or both
Historical Backlink Changes Graph
It’s difficult to show you in a blog post the coolest features in these new graphs, so I encourage you to log in and check them out for yourself!   If you don’t already have a Rank Ranger account now’s the time to register for your free trial.

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