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Tracking Rank in the Google for Jobs Feature

The new Google for Jobs SERP feature is both novel and grandiose. It is a comprehensive tool that will surely expedite the employment search for countless job-seekers. With its sweeping nature, Google has not only put forth a new SERP feature, but a new ecosystem for those sites that list employment opportunities. Not only is the Google for Jobs feature a new SERP environment, but it is one that ushers in a new set of rules for the sites both appearing and absent from it. With its massive top of the SERP display, along with its comprehensive nature, Google has changed the SEO rules by pushing organic job sites down the SERP.  In addition to optimizing to rank #1 for an employment query organically, recruiters are now faced with the greater competition of ranking in Google Jobs. Fortunately, you can now track your position within Google for Jobs in Rank Ranger.  

Google Jobs Search Engine Data

How to Track Rank Position within the Google for Jobs 


With the organic links pushed down the SERP for job listing-related queries, knowing where you rank within Google's new job feature is paramount. Accentuated by the full array of job listings available when the feature is expanded, with what is the equivalent of a Local Finder, the Google for Jobs feature is set to be the go-to listing source for potential employees.

Expanded Google Job Listings

Google's expanded list of jobs can contain hundreds of results and employs a prolific set of filters

With the demoted significance of organic rankings on job-related SERPs in the markets that Google Jobs has been rolled out to, we thought it important to make it easy for you to measure rank performance inside of Google for Jobs.  Similar to the way your campaigns may track Google Organic, Google Mobile, and Google Maps, you can now track the rank of your domain (and competitors') for specific keywords within Google Jobs by adding the Google Jobs search engine to any campaign.  

Google for Jobs Rank Tracking Availability by Region 

Google for Jobs rank tracking is currently available in: 

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • South Africa 
  • India
  • Spain 
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • France 
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands

In-Depth Google Job Listing Tracking and Analysis 


To monitor job listings rank and rank change within Google for Jobs, either in isolation or relative to the competition, start with our Rank Tracker and the other rank reports that you're already familiar with. You can track your overall rank performance within the feature via average rank data or even compare your rankings inside and outside the feature (i.e. organic ranking) for deep analysis.

Below are just some of the ways you can access Google Jobs search results:

Google for Jobs Rank

The Rank Tracker Dashboard has been designed to offer you a comprehensively in-depth view of your organic ranking data. The same applies now to your Google for Jobs ranking as well. Via the dashboard, you can view your rank and daily, weekly, and monthly rank change within Google for Jobs. By activating the dashboard's Competitive View, you can access the same for your competitor's as well, making the dashboard conducive for competition analysis. 

Google Jobs Rank Data

Rank data from the Google for Jobs feature as shown on the Rank Tracker Dashboard

The Rank Tracker Dashboard's truly unique visual aspect is its SERP Snapshot. Similar to tracking rank on the traditional Google search engine, the SERP Snapshot provides an actual view of how ranking sites displayed on the SERP.  Here though, this unique tool has been enhanced to fit the specific needs of users tracking Google's jobs feature. Specifically, upon launching the feature you can see the job title, the company offering the job, job location, a link to the site listing the job, the source of the listing, and even the full job description published within Google Jobs.

SERP Snapshot Google Jobs Results   
The SERP Snapshot provides a look at the day's actual results within Google for Jobs, including full job descriptions 

Breaking Down Your Google for Jobs Rank Data 

There are a series of ways to break down your Google for Jobs rank data from multiple vantage points.

You can track correlations in Google Job rankings vs. organic ranking performance in the Search Engines report's side-by-side table:

Search Engine Rank Comparison - Google Jobs

Compare Google Jobs rankings to multiple search engines simultaneously in the Search Engines report 

You can also create custom Insight Graph or Metric Widgets using a series of data sources for a truly comprehensive comparison:

Average Rank Comparison - Google Jobs
A custom series of Metric Widgets comparing the average rank of the same set of keywords across multiple search engines, including Google Jobs 

From a strictly competitor analysis perspective the Competitor Rank Comparison report lists the rankings of the competitive domains you are tracking in an easy to follow table:

Google Jobs Competitor Rank Comparison

Easily track the competition's Google for Jobs rankings with the Competitor Rank Comparison report 

To monitor competitors that aren't being tracked in a campaign, you can employ the Top Organic Competitors report. Here you have access to competitors that rank within the top 20 results for your campaign's keywords, the number of keywords they ranked for in the top 20, their visibility score and total search volume.  Further, the report's table indicates the number of keywords each competitor ranks higher or lower relative to your keyword performance. Launching the Top Competitor Rank Comparison tool provides the competitor's rank for each shared keyword alongside the campaign's domain rank, and keyword search volume.

Google Jobs Top Organic Competitors Report

See how your Google for Jobs rankings compare to you top competitors on a per keyword basis

Again, these are just a few ways to utilize Google for Jobs rank data. You can also track landing page fluctuations with Landing Page Monitor, analyze Landing Page Performance, Tag Rank Distribution, and monitor daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots for trends. Of course, your Google for Jobs data can also be placed within our various white label reports, including the highly customizable Marketing Dashboard

Google for Jobs Rank Data - Marketing Dashboard

The white label Marketing Dashboard showing the rank distribution of keyword tags on the Google Jobs search engine 

Harvesting Google for Jobs Rank Data


For companies that wish to harvest data, we offer a new Google for Jobs Rank API that's available with the top 50 or top 100 results.  

This new Google Jobs feature was built into Rank Ranger at the request of company whose focus is talent acquisition. If you have specific requirements, please let us know because our development team may be able to provide you with a custom solution.

Don't Get Caught Sleeping on the Job 

With Google's new job feature set to have a deep impact on organic job-related rankings, now is not the time to sleep on the job. We hope you'll benefit from the deep Google for Jobs ranking insights now available. If this data helps you determine which optimization tactics work best for ranking in Google Jobs top positions, please share your success story with us! 

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