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Rank Dashboard Upgraded

There’s been so much NEW going on here at Rank Ranger lately that today’s launch is bursting out stampede style with new features and reports chock-full of the customizations customers have requested.  Breaking out of the corral we’ve got:

What’s new in Tracking Reports?

The new 
Dashboard is a highly customizable tracking report that now includes:
  • User-friendly report names
  • Google algorithm updates
  • MajesticSEO Indexed Pages, Domain backlinks, Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics
  • Ahrefs indexed pages and domain backlinks
  • SEOmoz domain authority
  • Graphs displaying 3 month ranking data for the selected keyword charted with updated landing page changes (highlighted in blue) and Google algorithm changes (highlighted in red)
  • Report Options are saved in the system so you don’t need to select them again the next time you log in – unless you decide to change them

Report Options include:
  • Group by: Domain or Keyword
  • Highlight Primary Domain: highlights your primary domain data in the comparative reports.
  • Landing Page: Show or Hide the URL of landing pages
  • Rank Change: Select Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly change tracking of positive, negative, no change or a combination of those statuses

Show or Hide the display of:
  • Google Algorithm Change
  • Page Rank
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Competition
  • Search Volume
  • MajesticSEO Indexed Pages, Domain Backlinks, Citation Flow and/or Trust Flow
  • SEOMoz Domain Authority
  • Ahrefs Indexed Pages and Domain Backlinks

Select individual or multiple:
  • Keywords to include
  • Websites (Domains) to compare
  • Search Engines to include


Stay Alert! New Ranking and Landing Page Alerts

and Landing Page Alerts to help keep you in the saddle with reports that can be embedded into your Custom Reports, and notifications that can be sent to your email through Custom Alerts.

  • Ranking Alerts display the rank changes of the domain/keyword combinations based on the  alert sensitivity level selected in the Report Options section.

  • Landing PageAlerts display and compares changes made on your landing pages and those of your competitors, between two dates.

Express Custom Reports? You Asked, We Deliver!

Improved interface with many new options including:
  • Multiple Language selection
  • 3 new colored templates to help you create attractive reports
  • Editable report elements enabling further customization
  • WYSIWYG content editor providing a variety of fonts, sizes, colors and styles plus the ability to define page breaks between report elements for customized PDF export.
  • Embedded reports - all major reports from all sections of Rank Ranger are now available for embedding into your custom report – including the much requested Analytics Overview report and chart. When adding a report (as a report element) to the Custom report, you can now edit all of its report option settings for your desired view.
Custom Reports

A Facelift and New Features for the UI



Google’s supplemental index ratio
has been added to the Domain Analysis and the Export to PDF function has been updated to display all the report charts in addition to the report data.


In the
Analytics Overview you can now Export to PDF and display the visits by medium chart. Report Options now include Show or Hide Chart, Adwords, Visits by Medium or Source.

We invite your feedback on these new features and reports and look forward to learning about any ideas you might have for further improvements.
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