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Video: How to Create a White Label Portal

Reports that you’ve created in the Rank Ranger SEO platform can be shared with others for viewing in your branded web interface. Learn how easy it is to create a custom White Label Portal for clients, colleagues or managers who prefer a more hands-on interactive experience.

In this video you will learn how to:
  • Change the company logo that displays in the portal
  • Add a password to protect your portal
  • Allow single sign-on for multiple campaigns
  • Customize report options within the portal
  • Create report options defaults for the portal

By following the simple steps in this video, you can create a personalized and professional portal for your clients with little time or effort. You can also save time by setting account level defaults for your portals in the Account Localization and Preferences screen of Account Settings.

For written instructions please visit our "White Label Web Interface” documentation.

Access additional tutorials in our Getting Started with Rank Ranger Video Center - and let Shiri know in the comments below if her videos have helped you improve your use of our SEO platform.
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