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Weekly Snapshot Featuring Rank Color Scale

Get a colorful view of your rankings by week with Rank Ranger's new Weekly Snapshot report. Featuring our Rank Color Scale, the results of your SEO efforts are highlighted across a red to green spectrum as rank from the end of each weekly period is color-coded and displayed.

Weekly Snapshot Report Featuring Rank Color Scale

Weekly Snapshot Featuring Rank Color Scale

This report details weekly rank performance based on the date range you select. The bright Rank Color Scale makes it easy for you to quickly identify rank consistency vs. dramatic rank change for specific keywords and landing pages.

Quick Settings

The Weekly Snapshot report is in Rank Ranger's Track tab. Simply expand General Settings and show or hide the Landing Page and Baseline columns and the Rank Color Scale feature.  The Baseline is the ranking for the specific keyword on the date it was first added to Rank Ranger.

Select Rank Color Scale and Baseline
Access our Weekly Snapshot documentation to learn more about the available report options.

Joining our highly popular Daily Snapshot and Monthly Snapshot reports, this Weekly Snapshot is unique in that it's the first to feature our new Rank Color Scale. Beta testers have suggested that it takes SEO reporting and rank tracking to a new level. Do you like it and think you'll use it?

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