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Single Sign-on White Label Portal for Multiple Campaigns

We heard you and we've got your solution...

"I have a customer who I'm managing multiple campaigns for, is it possible for him to view the SEO reports for all of his campaigns in 1 white label portal?"
"I provide SEO services for a Web Hosting company, an Advertising Agency and several Website Developers and each of those companies have multiple campaigns for their customers. Does Rank Ranger provide a white label web interface solution that would work for my customers?"

The Answer to both questions is Yes!

Rank Ranger's White Label Web Interface (Portal) has a new single sign-on feature for customers with multiple campaigns who would like to log into their custom web interface once and view SEO reports for all of their campaigns in one convenient location.

Each portal can also be branded with the logo you want your specific customer to see when they sign in.

White Label Portal with graph and multiple campaigns

White Label Portal with Multiple Campaigns

Simple Setup

Create a Profile for each of your customers who have more than one campaign.

Create a Profile

In Campaign Settings > White Label Portal, select that Profile in each of their campaigns and click the Save button to enable them all to display in one white label web interface portal branded with your logo.

Link To Profile

Review White Label Web Interface (Portal)documentation for instructions on how to select the reports and options you want visible for each campaign.

Try it now!

Log into our White Label Portal Demo (password is demo) and let us know what you think.

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