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Feature-Rich White Label PDF Reports

Rank Ranger's White Label PDF SEO Reports have been upgraded with new options to provide a more customized user experience.  Language options, PDF output styles, multiple recipients, custom email message and subject, and automated scheduling help integrate your Rank Ranger reports into a custom branded report that you can use to inform and impress your customers.

Multiple Languages and support for Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left languages offers the opportunity to take your SEO business worldwide.
White Label PDF Report General Settings

PDF Settings include page size and orientation, plus report and graph data font size and a variety of cover page templates.
White Label Report PDF Settings

Email Settings now include the option to send to multiple recipients, enter a personalized subject line and message, and a custom filename for the White Label PDF Report file that will be attached to the email.
White Label PDF Report Email settings
Automated Scheduling provides the option to have your White Label PDF Reports sent weekly on a specific day of the week or monthly on a specific date*. And if for some reason you want to pause the sending of reports, you can now set the status to Pause and change it back to Active when you're ready to resume sending.
Automated Scheduling of White Label Reports
*Setting dates for the report data is done in each individual report's options.  For more information on this and report content options, custom cover pages and layouts, please refer to our documentation.
These new features are the result of customer requests, so we'd like to thank our customers and encourage you to tell us about your specific business needs. We're always looking for new ways to help your SEO business run smarter, faster and easier!  
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