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Yandex моб Mobile Friendliness

Yandex Mobile FriendlyA while back Google launched their mobile friendly test, allowing webmasters to better understand how to optimize their websites for mobile devices.

Next on the list was Bing, only recently launching theirs as announced by me on November 16th.

And now, finally, Yandex, Russia’s most popular search engine, and one of Rank Ranger’s 400+ tracked search engines launched their own mobile friendly test. Being the third search engine to announce this parameter for search engine optimization, leaving us with only two main search engines not paying attention to mobile friendliness - Yahoo and Baidu.

As it is right now, according to Yandex, their mobile friendly icon in the SERP is just an icon and does not affect a website's ranking. That means, even though a website will appear in the SERP as mobile friendly (signified by the Russian abbreviation моб as highlighted in the mobile screenshot), the site's ranking will remain the same, for now. But probably not forever. This might change over the next couple of months. I’ll keep you posted, as I expect that Yandex will be updating their algorithm to include this important search factor.

Since Google is the biggest, and so far, the most popular search engine around the globe, Rank Ranger's mobile friendliness test is largely based on Google's search quality guidelines. For insights about your Bing and Yandex mobile friendliness, visit each their website where their unique mobile capability test can be found.

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